Brome-Missisquoi Chamber of Commerce

The Brome-Missisquoi Chamber of Commerce (CCB-M) is a non-profit organization that was born in 2017 following the unification of three chambers of commerce, namely those of Cowansville (CCCR), Farnham (CCFR) and Lac-Brome (CCLB).  It now incorporates 22 cities and municipalities, which includes the entire territory of the MRC Brome-Missisquoi and where there are over 2,100 companies in all sectors of activities.

At the end of this year 2019, the CCB-M has more than 400 member companies, 1,100 subscribers to its newsletter and 2,400 to its Facebook page !

Now a member of the Quebec Federation of Chambers of Commerce (FCCQ), that has a membership of more than 130 other influencial chambers, the CCB-M is stronger than ever !  Its dynamic team is hard at work throughout the year to mobilize economic actors, promote the region and local purchase, create prosperity by organizing networking activities, and many other projects.

The CCB-M permanent team includes an Executive Director, an Executive and Communications Assistant, an Accounting Clerk and an Event Coordinator.

The board of directors is composed of thirteen members, including a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer, a Secretary and eight Directors.

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CCB-M Timeline


Constitution of the Farnham Chamber of Commerce and Region


Constitution of the Cowansville Chamber of Commerce and Region


Constitution of the Brome Lake Chamber of Commerce


Acquisition request of the orphan territories by the CCCR


Change of name of the CCCR for CCB-M


Dissolution of the CCFR and the CCLB, and final acquisition of the orphan territories by the CCB-M for a complete representation of the entire territory of the MRC Brome-Missisquoi

CCB-M Territory

Orange: Municipalities covered by the CCB-M

Green: Application for territory acquisition in process

Board of Directors

Here is the team who cares about the Brome-Missisquoi prosperity and who works hard so that each member can live up to its ambitions:

Members of the Board of Director 2019-2020 of the CCB-M

2020- Philip Dion 150 x 150

Philip Dion


 FBL s.e.n.c.r.l. Société de comptables professionnels agréés

450 293-8123

2020- Martine Bédard 150 x 150

Martine Bédard

Vice-President 1

Internexe Télécommunication

450 242-1530

Jocelyn Beaudouin

Jocelyn Beaudoin

Vice-President 2

Groupe Loyer Attorneys

450 919-3900

Maxime Mathieu

Maxime Mathieu


Deloitte S.E.N.C.R.L. /s.r.l.

450 361-6207

Simon Chamberland

Simon Chamberland


Brome Conseil

514 791-4771

2020- Dominik Poirier 150 x 150

Dominik Poirier



514 850-9292

Alice Boulet

Alice Boulet


Edith Chaput Notary inc.

450 306-1269

Portrait vide gris

Car Beauregard



450 775-4102

2020- Vincent Dery 150 x 150

Vincent Dery



450 776-1761

2020- Nathalie Girard 150 x 150

Nathalie Girard


La Boucherie Locale

450 525-5352

Sophie Marino

Sophie Marino


La Fibre et moi

450 877-1242

2020- Francois Lacombe 150 x 150

François Lacombe


Groupe Sécurité Alarma

514 743-3905

Heidi Vanha

Heidi Vanha


Corporation de développement économique de Sutton

(450) 538-8455

Mélanie Gobeille

Mélanie Gobeille

Executive Director

Brome-Missisquoi Chamber of Commerce 

(450) 266-1665, ext. 221

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