The Brome-Missisquoi Chamber of Commerce is a resource and solution hub that helps promote the influence and success of our members and the community!


The CCB-M promotes the members’ and region’s economic development. It is a business network unique and professional at the heart of the region's prosperity aspirations.

Our Chamber’s actions aim to:



Publications Policy on Facebook

  • The publications on Facebook will be in French.
  • Companies wishing to benefit from free exposure on our Facebook page, must absolutely be active members (paid membership).
  • Publications must be "one-time events", i.e: hiring, expansion, awards, event, competition, training, etc.
  • If a non-profit organization wishes to post its publications on Facebook, it must provide free tickets so the CCB-M can send a representative.
  • No publication limits per member. Our goal is to make our members shine.
  • No direct advertising: We will soon have options to post advertisements on our new website. The policy on this will follow soon.
    Contact-us for more informations.