Golf and Cycling Tournament of Brome-Missisquoi Chamber of Commerce

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

A few words from the Honorary President

Mr Nicolas Legault, General Manager, Centre National de Cyclisme de Bromont

Photo Nicolas Legault


"It is my pleasure to join the Brome-Missisquoi business team to celebrate the entrepreneurial dynamism of our region.

By including cycling this year, I want to share my passion with you as well as make you discover our region in a different way.

I invite you to come in large numbers, to come out of your offices, and to play or ride in order to spend a day together and meet those who support our local economy. "

Event Organised by

Host of the Event

Farnham Golf Club

55 Chemin du Golf, Farnham, QC J2N 2P9

Brome-Missisquoi Business People Golf and Cycling Tournament

 2021 Edition

We are confident that it will be possible to get together for the golf tournament and the bike rally! While the golf tournament will take place as planned at the magnificent Farnham Golf Club, the rally will feature three different circuits with stops for you to rediscover the region.

Register here 👉 Golf / Bike Registration

Here is a preview of the day
10:00 am - Welcome at the Golf de Farnham
Full brunch for 80 people
(more places available if sanitary restrictions change)
10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. - Cross tee times for golf
12h00 to 12h30 - Departure of the bike circuits
4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. - Return to Golf for golfers and cyclists
5:00 p.m. - Cocktail party and award ceremony

Brunch and Cocktail
The full brunch consists of a delicious all-you-can-eat buffet including eggs, three (3) types of meats (bacon, sausage and ham), baked beans, breakfast potatoes, fresh fruit and pastries.

The cocktail includes 1 drink of your choice
One 20 oz draft beer
A glass of white or red house wine
A Bloody Ceasar
A beer from the Farnham microbrewery (Ale or Lager)

Cycling routes
There are three (3) bike tours offered

Short circuit - 48 km
For those who ride little in the peloton or who have been out a little this year
Fléchette de Farnham

Medium circuit - 63 km
Ride in a peloton, 500 to 1000 km this year
Doyenne des vignes (short version - cut between Dunham and Stanbridge East)

Long circuit - 76 km
Ride in a peloton, more than 1000 km this year
Doyenne des vignes (complete version)

Daily rates
(includes golf tournament or bike rally, brunch, cocktail, taxes and service)

Golf / Bike member - $ 200
Golf / Non-member bike - $ 250
Special rate for a member and his non-member guest - $ 400 ($ 50 discount)

Register here 👉 Golf / Bike Registration

Become a partner of the Brome-Missisquoi Chamber of Commerce golf tournament and bike rally to promote your business and contribute to the influence of our region. Come and meet business people and decision-makers from the region on a green or while cycling the region!

Host city for the 2021 golf and bike tournament - $ 3,000
(SOLD - City of Farnham)
Communication of the partner in all communication tools:
Publication of the logo on the event's advertisements as a prestigious partner of the event (newsletter, Facebook, LinkedIn, in newspapers and on the radio - according to media agreements)
Publication of the logo in press releases
Publication of the logo on the event page on the website
Welcoming participants in the image of the partner
(material provided by this one: marquee, coroplast, parapost, etc.)
Possibility of positioning a large format parapost type display in the room for brunch
Possibility of including a representative of the partner in the organizing committee
Two (2) free tickets to the golf tournament or bike rally, including brunch and cocktail
Five (5) minutes of speaking to make a presentation
Possibility to give a promotional item of the partner's choice to all participants during the day (200 items) or to offer prizes (at the partner's expense)

Golf Partnerships

"Hole in one" partner - $ 950 (price to be determined)
Kiosk on a hole (Par 3) to promote products and services
(at the expense of the sponsor)
Offer of a "hole in one" prize by the partner with a minimum value of $ 15,000 (price to be determined)
Hole-in-one insurance at the sponsor's expense
10 x 10 foot kiosk (provided by partner)
Prize exhibition
Two brunches offered by the CCB-M
Two drinks offered by the CCB-M during the cocktail

Booth - $ 500
Sponsor's name on a booth
(advertising material provided by the sponsor)
10 x 10 foot kiosk to showcase products and services
(at the expense of the sponsor)
Mention on all networks
Logo on the event web page

Hole on the course - $ 350
Sponsor name on a hole
Mention on all networks
Logo on the event web page

Cycling Partnerships

Circuit - $ 900
Name of the sponsor on one of the circuits
Mention on the physical course
Mention on all networks
Logo on the event web page
A ticket for the event

Meal tent - $ 500
Sponsor name on tent
Mention on all networks
Logo on the event web page

For more information, contact:
Marc-André Lacroix
General manager
450 266-1665 ext 221
[email protected]

Dominik Poirier
Events, communications and marketing agent
[email protected]

Partners of the Golf and Cycling Tournament