Online Advertising

Placing ads on the CCB-M website pays off! We have flexible billing programs for all budgets to allow you to live up to your ambitions.

You can place ads of different formats in different places in the site according to your needs and your budget.

Pricing and promo areas - Introductory prices!

Prices are set for a 4 week display.

Promo area*** Pixel size Single rate 50 % fee**
Top of Home page (initial view) Half page (300 X 600) * *
Top of Home page (initial view) Super leaderboard (970 X 90) $300 $175
Bottom of Home page Leaderboard (728 X 90) $250 $145
About CCB-M page Medium rectangle (300 X 250) $225 $130
Member Benefits page Medium rectangle (300 X 250) $225 $130
Vacant Premises page Medium rectangle (300 X 250) $225 $130
* Promo area is restricted to major partners
** The 50 % fee applies to advertisers who are willing to share their promo area with another advertiser. Both companies will then appear in a random order, thus enjoying equal exposure.
*** If you wish for exposure on a specific page of our website, that doesn’t show in our options, an additional fee of $50 will be added.
Applicable taxes are extra.

Always specify:

  • The desired placement of advertising in the website
  • The URL where the ad should point to
  • The start date and end date of the ad display

Authorised Online Ad Format (L X H) in pixels by CCB-M

  • Half page: 300 X 600
  • Super leaderboard: 728 x 90
  • Leaderboard: 970 x 90
  • Medium rectangle: 300 x 250

Accepted file formats: .jpg, .png, .gif

Any other format must meet IAB Canada standards and must be pre-approved, otherwise it may be refused. Contact us for more information.

Become a Major Sponsor !

Major Sponsor Partnership Plan

Only $ 3,500 annually:

  • Legal Exclusivity
  • Publish your company logo in the bottom of all our written communications (Invitations, acknowledgments, solicitations, press releases, etc.)
  • Publication of your company logo on the 3 'X 5' poster in all our activities
  • Publish your logo on our new website with a directional link to your site
  • A VIP ticket for the Golf Tournament, as well as for the Gala d'Excellence, which entitles you to special advantages eg: better seating, free cocktail drink
  • Banner advertising offered free on our website for 1 month
  • A company portrait will be made about your company, with your help, and will be publicized on our different media (new)
  • Publications of your logo in the Coup d'Coeur pages, under: "Proud to highlight the excellence of our business people!”, 7 issues page format in the newspaper Le Guide and L’Avenir et des rivières (2 more publications than before)
  • Presenter of a 5 @ 7 network
    • Your logo as the sponsor of the event in the invitations;
    • 5 minutes of speech to make a presentation
    • Discount of a promotional item to our event participants (at your choice).