The Hello CCB-M Local Purchasing Card


The Brome-Missisquoi Chamber of Commerce team is pleased to present  to you the new initative to propel local purchasing throughout the region, MY PURCHASES WITHIN A FEW STEPS IN BROME-MISSISQUOI.

We worked in collaboration with the FCCQ and the Hello Network Company to set up a digital local buy program and a media campaign to promote a relaunch that will benefit both businesses and consumers!


Here are the interesting benefits for businesses and their customers:

1.  A 40 % bonus for the consumer. With the purchase of a $100 card, the consumer will receive an additional $40!

2. Simplicity of the transaction

  • Purchase the Hello CCB-M Local Purchasing Card online
  • Home delivery of the card
  • Track purchases and transactions online and with the app
  • List of shops online and with the app

3.  Thanks to this campaign, no less than $66,500 will be in circulation during the holiday season

4. At the end of the campaign, businesses will have access to transaction data. This will allow them to get to know their customers and their expecations better.

5. The MY PURCHASES WITHIN A FEW STEPS IN BROME-MISSISQUOI campaign will benefit from a major media campaign in newspapers, on the radio and on media platforms

Note: Limit for the purchase of one card per person.

Becoming a participating merchant who accepts the Hello CCB-M Local Purchasing Card

To encourage people to buy locally , Brome-Missisquoi Chamber of Commerce offers you the opportunity to become a participating merchant when you accept CCB-M money at any time of the year.

All that is asked of you is to honor the value of the CCB-M bills. The Chamber od Commerce will fully refund the amount received in CCB-M money when you'll bring them to our office to be redeemed.

That way, the companies who purchase CCB-M money, invest directly in local businesses, thus allowing the recipients the freedom to treat themselves wherever they want. The CCB-M money acts as a gift card, applicable all over the Brome-Missisquoi territory. You are welcome to call us if you wish to treat your staff, customers or partners with CCB-M money.

Let us know by email if you would like to be on the participating merchants list, at [email protected]

The members dealing in CCB-M money will have their company name added to the participating merchants list on our MEMBER DISCOUNT web page.

Please note: There are still bills in circulation under the former Chamber of Commerce. They are valid as long as they are stamped with CCCR seal.


Our partners for the Hello CCB-M Local Purchasing Card Initiative