Dollars Cowansville 

a local purchasing program for our local businesses!

The Brome-Missisquoi Chamber of Commerce, the City of Cowansville and Desjardins Brome-Missisquoi are proud of the success of the Cowansville Dollars and especially very pleased with the excitement created by them.

In one week, no less than 12,500 Cowansville Dollars were raised through the campaign: Even if we keep our distance, we stay tightly woven.

Over the next few months, a total of $12,500 will be spent at more than 45 participating Cowansville merchants.

Enthusiasm for Cowansville Dollars also allowed the participatory fundraising campaign to end on a perfect note. Through its Pay it forward program, Desjardins will be able to double the campaign's objective. An amount of $25,000 will be entirely donated to the organization Cellule Jeunes et Familles de Brome-Missisquoi.

This organization offers a food drive in Cowansville. With this amount, the organization hopes to set up a furniture bank to help individuals and families in need.

The Cowansville Dollars campaign was scheduled to run from June 19 to July 19, with a maximum of 12,500 Cowansville Dollars sold.

Cowansville Dollars - specimen
Cowansville Dollars - specimen

Goal achieved in 7 days!
THANK YOU for investing in your community!

Cowansville Dollars Participating Merchants

Accent, furniture store, 1303 du Sud Street, Cowansville

Allen-Dénommé & Durand notaries, notaries and legal advisers, 101, boul. Davignon, Cowansville

A & W, fast food services, 605, Jean-Jacques-Bertrand boul., Cowansville

Ben & Florentine, restaurant, 1599, du Sud Street, Cowansville

Bijouterie L. Deschamps, jeweler, 510, du Sud Street, Cowansville

Boulangerie La Mie Bretonne, bakery and healthy fast food services, 511, du Sud Street, Cowansville

Brasserie de la Rivière, bar and restaurant, 204, de la Rivière Street, Cowansville

Brault Chaussures et Vêtements, footwear and clothing, 417, du Sud Street, Cowansville

Breuvages Sencha Kombucha, production and sales of kombucha, 337 Brosseau Street, Cowansville

Canadian Tire Cowansville, large retail store, 145, Salaberry Street, Cowansville

Chaussures Pop Cowansville, footwear, 1533, du Sud Street, Cowansville

Clinique de l’auto et de la batterie Farnham, automobile repair and maintenance, 1883, Route 104, Farnham

Club Piscine, pool, spa, garden furniture and sporting goods store, 160, Sherbrooke Street, Cowansvill

Doyle Optométristes & Opticiens, eyewear and eye health services, 175, Principale Street, Cowansville

Énergie Sud, training center, 801, du Sud Street, Cowansville

Essor Environnement, environmental management solutions, 2098, rang St-Joseph, Cowansville

Esthétique Limar, beauty center and esthetician, 215, Bell Street, Cowansville

Fromagerie des Cantons, refined and quality cheeses, 441, de Normandie Boul. North Farnham

Garage Michel Pagé, automobile repair and maintenance, 410, de la Rivière Street, Cowansville

Graphico-Tech, lettering and printing shop, 318, du Sud Street, Cowansville

Harvey’s Cowansville, restaurant, 1616, rue Sud Street, Cowansville

IGA Extra Daigneault, food supermarket, 1531, du Sud Street, Cowansville

Iris Cowansville, eyewear and eye health services, 602, du Sud Street, Cowansville

Jean Coutu Cowansville, pharmacy, 526, du Sud Street, Cowansville

Juricompas inc., law and taxation, 215, rue principale, Cowansville

Kia Cowansville, car dealer, 403, de la Rivière Street, Cowansville

La Bêlerie, farm, 333, Brosseau Street, Cowansville

Laco Électrique, electronics store, 419, du Sud Street, Cowansville

Lavin, Gosselin Avocats, lawyer, 803, rue principale, Cowansville Qc

L’atelier de récup, econologic & thrift shop, 450, du Sud Street, Cowansville

LB Avocats, lawyer, 170, Sherbrooke Street, suite 202 Cowansville

Les Automobiles Rocheleau Inc, car dealer, 434, de la Rivière Street, Cowansville

Les Confiseries Hansel et Gretel, chocolates and sweet treats, 518, du Sud Street, Cowansville

Logatel, phone systems services, 124, Desplaines Street, Cowansville

Massothérapie familiale Mélina Castonguay, massotherapy services, 123, Principal Street, Cowansville

Nettoyeur Houle, dry cleaning, 101, Oliver Street, Cowansville

Pharmacie Familiprix de Cowansville, pharmacy, 1599, du Sud Street, local 106, Cowansville

Pharmacie Uniprix, pharmacy, 101, Albert Street, Cowansville

Pleins Rayons, bicycle store, 708, du Sud Street, Cowansville

Plomberie Goyer, plumbing wholesaler, 150, Sherbrooke Street, Cowansville

Proulx Lavoie Avocates Médiatrices, lawyer and mediator, 215, rue du Sud, Cowansville

Restaurant Coq Rôti, restaurant, 419, de la Rivière Street, Cowansville

Restaurant La Couquerie, catering service, 200, Albert Street, Cowansville

St-Hubert Express, restaurant, 1616, du Sud Street, Cowansville

Sur la Scène Davignon (On Stage), show stages and broadcaster,

Tapis Cowansville, floor decoration store, 548, de la Rivière Street, Cowansville

Tite Frette, speciality beer store, 1396, South Street, Cowansville

TNT Lavage de vitres, window washing, 450 330-0687, Cowansville

Verveine & cie, natural health shop, 101, Albert Street, Cowansville

Become a participating member merchant who accepts Cowansville Dollars.

As with CCB-M dollars, we offer you the opportunity to become a participating member merchant who accepts Cowansville Dollars.

By accepting Cowansville Dollars, you are only committing to respecting the value of the Cowansville money in your store. The Chamber will refund the full value of the money when you return them to us.

In this way, citizens who purchase Cowansville Dollars invest directly in local purchases, leaving the user the choice to spoil himself wherever he wishes; a kind of gift card valid everywhere in Cowansville! You can also contact us if you wish to purchase one.

If you would like to be part of the long list of participating member merchants, contact Valérie Burnet, Events Coordinator, at [email protected]

Participating member merchants get great visibility by appearing on this page with a link that suits them, in addition to being listed on La Ruche's website. So what are you waiting for?

Our partners supporting local purchase - Dollars Cowansville