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By becoming a member, you have access to a hub of resources and solutions to better meet your challenges!

Take advantage of the networking activities to get to know the players in the region.

Participate in our conferences and trainings to have effective tools.

Stay informed of regional activities and increase your visibility through our communication tools: Facebook, Newsletter.

Take advantage of many discounts offered by our members.

Promote your economic development with the CCB-M, a unique and professional business network that stimulates the prosperity of all its members.

Our member directory is a great reference for any complementary service you may be looking for in Brome-Missisquoi - your ideal partnerships might only be a click away!

Let's act together to:

Contribute to the mobilization of economic actors and establish promising links in order to support the entrepreneurs who are members of the CCB-M.

Become dynamic agents of local promotion and local purchasing, while protecting our environment and our biodiversity.

Create prosperity by organizing dynamic, human and welcoming networking activities, integrating immigrants, encouraging young people and fostering the next generation.

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Boost your exposure, enjoy many discounts, upgrade your skills and expand your network.

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Enjoy many discounts offered by the Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a CCB-M membership?

There are many benefits to being a member! In addition to standing out in Brome-Missisquoi, you will find many benefits and discounts available to our members on the CCB-M website.

Member's benefits Member's Discounts
How much does a membership cost?

The cost of your membership is determined by the number of employees, including the business owner.

Look at our price list

How do I register to become a member?

Find all the necessary details for your registration on the page « Become a member ».

Become a CCB-M Member

Must I be a Brome-Missisquoi resident to become a CCB-M member?

Not necessarily. You can be a CCB-M member, no matter where you live.

I am already a member of another Chamber of Commerce. Can I also register to the CCB-M?

Absolutely! You can be a member of more than one Chamber of commerce.

Where can one find your upcoming events?

I am not on Facebook; do you have a newsletter?

Can a non-member participate to a networking activity?

Of course, but there is a fee to participate for a non-member. We accept payment by credit card or check.

I would like to host a networking 5@7 in my enterprise. How does that work?

Please contact our events coordinator by email at

I am looking for a specific enterprise/domain. Can you help me?

You may browse through our member directory. A search tool allows you to find companies by name, location and type of activity.

Member Directory

I've just received CCB-M money. How does it work?

Aside from the networking 5@7 happy hours, what type of event do you organize?

Throughout the year, the Brome-Missisquoi Chamber of Commerce organizes a variety of micro-training programs, meals included, to help you get forward with your business.The CCB-M also organizes larger scale events, such as the Christmas parade in Cowansville, the golf tournament and the Brome-Missisquoi Excellence Gala.

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